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CNC Ported Cylinder Heads

Frankenstein Engine Dynamics utilizes Mazak & Centroid CNC machines to reproduce the hand crafted cylinder head designs by Chris Frank. The CNC machines not only ensures accuracy of reproduction of our world renowned port designs, but also provides a superior surface finish while maintaining the tightest tolerances. By using these technologies, Frankenstein Engine Dynamics can deliver a custom product to our customers in a quick and accurate manner! Frankenstein Engine Dynamics works with all makes and models of cylinder heads and can design a package to make sure you get the most out of your motor. We specialize in finding power where others simply can’t.

We don’t load our flow bench on a trailer and take it to the track for the weekend, neither do you. Sure, our designs are tested and optimized using a flow bench. After that, we continue testing and designing our heads on the dyno and at the track to provide the best real-world results. Sometimes that means a head that performs worse on the flow bench but dominates at the track. At Frankenstein Engine Dynamics, we know that our competitors like to use inflated flow numbers as a marketing tool instead of an engine building tool. The best head provides results on the car, not on the flow bench. Don’t get baited into chasing max CFM on a flow bench as it often provides negative results at the track. When the competition “outflows” us, we still make more average power and run better times in the real world. If you want to be the best, be wary of testing methods as operators can easily manipulate the results to help convince you to buy an inferior product.