Trick Flow LS3


Based on Trick Flow’s GenX square port castings, the FRH Trick Flow LS3 cylinder heads have been developed to provide a significant increase in efficiency over the stock castings. Our port designs allow for big flow numbers from a much smaller port than the stock casting through carefully engineered port shape and velocity and eliminating any wasted or turbulent areas inside the port. Add to that a much stronger deck structure and these LS3 heads are a true upgrade for any LS3 based motor.

“The valve angles have been changed from 15° to 12° to increase piston-to-valve clearance and allow the use of larger camshafts. The coolant holes through the head deck were redesigned to work with all LS head gasket and engine block combinations. Stock LS3 ports accommodate LS3-style intake manifolds and LS9/LSA blower assemblies.”

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Intake Volume       262cc

Exhaust   Volume     89cc

Chamber Volume     67cc  

Intake Flow      

295cfm @ .400”            

385cfm @ .700”

Exhaust Flow (NA*)   

215cfm @ .400”        

250cfm @ .700”  

BTR Platinum spring kit included good to .660” lift, PAC upgrade available  

Intake Valve Diameter    2.165"

Intake Seat Material    Ductile Iron

Exhaust Valve Diameter    1.600"

Exhaust Seat Material    Ductile Iron

Valve Angle      12⁰

Valve Guide Material    Powdered Metal  

Minimum Bore Size    4.000”

*Nitrous port available



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