Edelbrock LS-Reaper


True to their name, the LS-Reaper heads will destroy your competition and steal their souls. Based on Edelbrock’s LS-R castings, no detail has been overlooked in their design. They incorporate canted valves that provide superior flow (500+ cfm) and rotated valve centers which means shorter ports for excellent high rpm operation. And in addition to an already phenomenal valve train, we moved the pushrod holes to allow for larger, stronger pushrods providing even greater high rpm stability. The NA version is designed to operate in the 9000+ RPM range!

Undergoing the full Frankenstein treatment, these heads are available in multiple port and valve configurations to suit any extreme application from NA, to turbo and nitrous, to solid, waterless versions for alcohol!

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Intake Volume       290 - 380cc

Exhaust   Volume     95 - 120cc

Chamber Volume     40-70cc  

Intake Flow      

440 - 500+ cfm

Exhaust Flow   

265 - 310 cfm 

Spring kit varies depending on application  

Intake Valve Diameter    2.200” -  2.280"

Intake Seat Material    Copper Alloy

Exhaust Valve Diameter    1.570” - 1.625"

Exhaust Seat Material    Copper Alloy

Valve Angle      Proprietary

Valve Guide Material    Bronze Alloy  

Minimum Bore Size    4.125”



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