Trick Flow LS1

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Based on Trick Flow’s GenX cathedral port castings, the FRH Trick Flow LS1 cylinder heads have been developed with the hard core street enthusiast in mind. While still providing race engine HP and TQ numbers, these heads maintain complete drivability through extensive testing both on the flow bench and more importantly, on the dyno and in real world street cars. They provide exceptional area under the curve and a broad powerband which is essential for not only street driving, but also autocross and road racing applications. “Trick Flow engineers altered the valve angles from 15° to 13.5° to decrease valve shrouding, increase mid‐lift airflow, and improve rocker arm‐to‐valve cover clearance. Material was added at the rocker arm mounting points to increase high‐rpm valvetrain stability. The spark plugs were relocated in the CNC‐profiled combustion chambers to enhance mid‐lift airflow and increase the rigidity of the casting for extreme horsepower applications.” 

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Intake Volume       237cc

Exhaust   Volume     83cc

Chamber Volume     65cc  

Intake Flow      

292cfm @ .400”            

348cfm @ .700”

Exhaust Flow      

218cfm @ .400”        

255cfm @ .700”  

PAC spring kit included good to .700” lift  

Intake Valve Diameter    2.080”

Intake Seat Material    Ductile Iron

Exhaust Valve Diameter    1.600”

Exhaust Seat Material    Ductile Iron

Valve Angle      13.5⁰

Valve Guide Material    Bronze Alloy  

Minimum Bore Size    4.030”



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