At Frankenstein Engine Dynamics we understand that there is far more to building a winning racecar than just porting heads.  And FED is far more than just a cylinder head shop!  With decades of racing experience between us, we know all too well that it is the little things that make the difference, and there is no one‐size‐fits‐all when it comes to custom racecars and race engines.

From motor‐mount adaptors, to carb spacers, to manifold and cylinder head o‐rings, and more, FED offers custom design, programming, and machining to make sure whatever unique obstacles you face are handled quickly, accurately, and done right the first time.

Our engineers will take the time to understand the problem, understand the limitations, and develop a solution that will leave your competition in the dust. No project is too small when it stands between you and success, so give us a call today to begin making your dreams a reality!