Have a great handmade port design in a worn out head you wish you could reproduce?  Need to repair a chamber after dropping a valve?  Looking to start producing your own cylinder heads but don’t have the equipment necessary?  Or maybe you’ve got a unique part or bracket that is no longer available?  In addition to designing our own class winning cylinder heads, Frankenstein Engine Dynamics also offers digitizing services for ports, chambers, manifolds, or really anything that we can fit in our machine.

Our 5‐Axis CNC gives us the ability to reverse engineer just about anything.  We can provide as little as the raw digitized data, to finished surfaces ready to be machined, and even do the machining for you.  Our engineers will work with you to determine the best fit for your application and budget.

FED values confidentiality above all so rest assured your designs are just that, yours.  We will never sell, or reproduce anything we digitize.

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