Brodix SR20


Options include:
Valve size, titanium valves, alloy intake seats
Inconel exhaust valves, steel exhaust guides with liners
triple springs, NOS chamber

Starting price is listed
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2.380 or 2.420 Intake, 1.800 or 1.840 Exhaust
Chamber size starts at 97cc and can be milled to 90cc
Standard seats are ductile iron intake and alloy exhaust, alloy intake seat upgrade is available
Manganese bronze guides
Minimum bore is 4.500, best results between 4.580-4.625
Rockers are offered from both Jesel (#441184) and T&D (#3142)
Springs are Manley 221425-16 Installed at 2.100 with 280# at seat and 800# open at .900 lift. Upgrade to triple manley or pac is available.
533cfm intake and 350cfm exhaust @ 1.00 lift


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