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Brodix SR20

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! WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Intake: 2.380 or 2.420
  • Exhaust: 1.800 or 1.840
  • Chamber size starts at 97cc and can be milled to 90cc
  • Standard seats are ductile iron intake and alloy exhaust, alloy intake seat upgrade is available
  • Manganese bronze guides
  • Minimum bore is 4.500, best results between 4.580-4.625
  • Rockers are offered from both Jesel (#441184) and T&D (#3142)
  • Springs are Manley 221425-16, Installed at 2.100 with 280# at seat and 800# open at .900 lift. Upgrade to triple manley or pac is available
  • 533cfm intake and 350cfm exhaust @ 1.00 lift

Options include:
Valve size, titanium valves, alloy intake seats
Inconel exhaust valves, steel exhaust guides with liners
triple springs, NOS chamber

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