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Apollo 14.5⁰ Spread Port

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! WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    THIS CYLINDER HEAD SETS RECORDS! Both Dillon Voss (PDRA Pro Outlaw 632) and Don Lamacasting is all about flexibility and power.  The casting has been designed with extra material to allow for the development of large ports that can still maintain the velocity necessary for high revving engines without compromise to structure.  The no compromise approach also means this head is a phenomenal choice for big power adder motors, especially turbo, due to the superior strength it offers over similar castings.

    While the standard Brodix and Sonny’s ports make for a good out-of-box, bolt-on cylinder head, here at FED we buy the raw castings from Brodix and develop our own ports from scratch instead of reworking the existing design. As such, our version of this casting makes far more power than the competition and can be tuned to match your specific application.


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