GM LS3 Stage 1.5 FED Heads

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Looking to spray more than a 200 shot or turn the boost up a bit more?  With an upgraded Manley stainless 2.165″/1.590″ intake and exhaust valve combination, our Stage 1.5 ported GM square port LS3 heads are EXACTLY what your ride needs to put the power to the ground.  Need pushrods, cam, intake, lifters, gaskets or anything else LS on the planet?  We’ve got them on the shelf ready to ship!  Contact us now if you have any questions!

Tech Specs: GM LS3 Stage 1.5 FED Heads

  • Manley Stainless Intake Valves: 2.165″
  • Manley Stainless Exhaust Valves: 1.590″
  • Intake Volume: 288cc
  • Exhaust Volume: 93cc
  • Chamber: 70cc
  • Stock Chamber
  • Seats: Stock Iron
  • Guides: Stock Powdered Metal
  • Minimum Bore: 4.000
  • Intake Manifold Recommendation:  MSD Atomic or FED Billet Low Pro
  • Stock Rockers. Smith Brothers Trunnion Upgrade Kit Recommended
  • Springs: FED .660″ Dual LSX Spring Kit with Titanium Retainers
  • Intake Peak Flow: 390
  • Exhaust Peak Flow: 260
  • Recommended Alternative for Performance: FED F-310 or F-312.8

Also Includes:

  • Teardown
  • Wash
  • CNC Port
  • CNC Valve Job
  • FED Logo
  • Hand Blend
  • Surface 0.010″
  • Final wash and assembly
  • Pressure Test

Lead Times:

  • Core Provided: 7-12 business days from the time your head gets to our facility. You can drop off your heads or ship them to us. This form may be printed and shipped or emailed to Frankenstein Engine Dynamics will not accept, nor work on any cylinder heads or manifolds without this form.
  • Core Not Provided: Same day shipping is determined by availability. If not in stock, lead time is typically 7-12 business days, though you will receive a call with a more accurate lead time on the next business day after purchase.
  • Core Exchange: You buy a “core not provided” head. As soon as we receive your heads in return, you will receive a refund on the difference. (If you Paid Cash – you will receive a check. If you Paid CC – we will process immediately and you will receive your refund within 3-5 business days due to processing.)
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