..specializes in the manufacturing of high performance cylinder heads & intake manifolds. The dedication & attention to detail throughout the design, machining & final assembly processes are second to none. Couple those qualities with the capabilities of our in house Mazak 5-Axis CNC machines & the result is a top of it’s class product. Pre-order your F-SERIES cylinder heads now & secure your spot at the top!
F - Series
  • 100% Designed, Tooled, Cast & Machined in the USA.
  • A357 T6 Aluminum Castings – T6 heat treated, low silica alloy. Superior strength compared to all commercially available castings. 20% stronger than similar high-end castings made from A356. A357 is the same material used in most aftermarket engine blocks along with many cast aerospace components.
  • 0.750” deck structure, thicker than all stock & most aftermarket castings.
  • High efficiency water jacket – by increasing efficiency the overall water jacket has been reduced for overall strength without sacrificing cooling ability for all applications including endurance racing.
  • Raised runner design on both intake & exhaust – Raised runner design allows for more efficient cylinder filling, better high-rpm operation without sacrificing low & mid-range performance & greater flow characteristics.
  • Exhaust port exit is on center with valve – Substantially better flow characteristics. Bolt pattern moved to accommodate all standard header designs using 1-7/8” or larger headers.

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Custom CNC Machining

We take the guesswork out of all fabrication processes with 5 different in-house CNC machines. When you have the best tools, you let the tool do the work!


Factory Modified Cylinder Heads

Some factory heads are better than others, but none are better than ours. We specialize in late model muscle. Got a bigger build in mind? We also CNC port the popular aftermarket heads. Learn more about our CNC ported cylinder heads.


Billet Manifolds

We heavily modify cast/fabricated manifolds to create exactly what you want.


Jesse Meagher, Senior CAD / CAM Engineer

“Based on years of race winning experience and the latest in CAD & CFD technology, all of our billet manifolds are designed, tested, and manufactured in-house on our many Mazak 5-Axis CNC machines.  Each manifold has been designed with the optimal characteristics (runner length, plenum volume, taper, etc.) to suit each application ranging from naturally aspirated street motors to 2000+HP turbo and supercharged monsters.”


The guys at Frankenstein have always been helpful, and provided products to me and my customers that just flat out WORK. I am looking forward to doing more business with these guys in the future!

- Josh Townsend

Best LS3 CNC program PERIOD. With Chris’ work on my heads coupled with a low lash solid roller from Kip at Cam Motion, my stock bottom end ls3 made a whopping 551whp and 504wtq. Unheard of on a 376 10.7:1 CR. Do yourself a favor and get FED to do your heads.

- Thomas McGee

Great company that does flawless work! Highly recommend them as they are one of the best in the business! Very friendly and easy to get ahold of and Can’t wait to put their low pro billet manifold to the test!

- Tadd Rigsby